Services Provided

As a marriage and family therapist, I specialize in relationships: couple relationships, family relationships, work relationships, and peer relationships. My work entails helping my clients to understand dysfunctional patterns in their relationships, and to identify actions they can take to make their relationships more effective and satisfying. This often entails working with what is going on within the parties as well as what is going on between them. I enjoy working with adults and teens, and have extensive experience dealing with the challenges of adolescence.

Specific areas of expertise include:

Marriage and Couple Work

  • Reducing conflict and increasing intimacy
  • Revitalizing moribund marriages
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Dealing with an affair
  • Surviving divorce and building a new life
  • Building a successful second marriage.

Family Work and Parent Coaching

  • Managing family crises and transitions
  • Parenting difficult teens and young adults
  • Dealing with adolescent crises and self-destructive behavior
  • Building resilience and self-esteem in children
  • Co-parenting successfully after divorce
  • Navigating stepfamily relationships.

Teen and Young Adult Issues

  • Managing anxiety and emotional reactions to problems
  • Preventing and dealing with substance abuse
  • Curtailing self-destructive behavior
  • Halting academic decline
  • Dealing with bullying
  • Getting through relationship crises and disappointments
  • Working through identity confusion and building self-esteem .

In the course of my work, I address both problematic interaction patterns and the underlying individual issues that may be at the root of strained relationships. At times I may work with the couple or entire family, while at others I'll work with individual family members to advance your therapeutic goals.

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